If there are any manufacturer defects the 30-day return policy is still in effect. Defects may include: broken clips (don’t stay closed or won’t open), stitching, defects in fabric or hook and eyes.

Our return policy for damaged products is as follows: 

  1. Go to the Returns and Exchange page.
  2. Fill in your email and order number and click Lookup.
  3. Your order detail will appear, and you can click the shopping cart icon under Create Return
  4. Select Refund to Return your product or Replace to Exchange your product
  5. Fill out the rest of the form and include images of your product if it arrived with any defects.
  6. Once you submit your form, we will email you a mailing label.
  7. Mail your bra back to us. If possible, use the original packaging for shipping.

We evaluate each garment in our Quality Assurance Department – therefore any piece that is deemed not a manufacturer’s defect (ie. stains) will not be returned.

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