Cups should feel comfortable and supportive at the same time. The fabric of the cup should mold around your breast and contain it completely. Breasts should not bulge from the top or sides nor fall into the cup.


The band should fit firmly around the ribcage, without feeling too tight or rising at the back. That’s why we ensure our bras have wide and adjustable bands, so they fit perfectly and comfortably, while staying in place at all times. We have a 6 prong hook-and-eye closure at the back allowing for growth through every stage.


The straps of your bra should not cut into your shoulders or drop down every now and then. Especially for fuller cups or towards the end of your pregnancy, it is important to have broad, adjustable straps that feel comfortable on your shoulders.

No underwire

Studies have shown that underwire might constrict the breast and pinch it on the sides, possibly increasing the risk of breast tissue inflammation (i.g. mastitis). Our bras have no underwire, and are designed with soft seams to support your breasts maintaining health and comfort.

Easy to use

Our bras are simple. The clasps at the top of each cup allow one handed operation allowing your other hand to free to hold a hungry baby.


All our bras and garments can be thrown in the wash and cleaned at 40 degrees – they were created to be washed daily, leaked on, vomited on and all of things fabulous that come with breastfeeding! They are your true partner and will not “let you down”!


Yootoo provides you with simple, practical yet feminine styles to help make you feel beautiful at all times.

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