How to Measure:

To determine your bra size, you must measure at two points: around the bust at the fullest point and underneath, around your rib cage.

Your band size is determined by the measurement around your chest, under the bust. If your measurement is an even number, that is your band size. If your measurement is an odd number, add an inch and that will be your band size.

Subtract your band size from the size around the fullest part of your bust. Each inch represents a cup size. For example, if you band size is a 36 and your bust size is a 39, the difference is 3 inches and your cup size is a C.

  • 1=A
  • 2=B
  • 3=C
  • 4=D
  • and so on

Because our bras have Ugrow paneling, you don’t have to worry about being completely precise. The bra will adjust to your body.


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